Kerrlab Inc.

KerrLab (a division of Kerr, and a subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties), develops, manufactures, and markets consumables and equipment for Dental Laboratory and Jewelry Manufacturing applications. The division is made up of two separate product lines, that are marketed and sold through two separate Worldwide Distributor Networks.

The connection between the two markets is “Lost Wax Casting”. The process of casting a crown or bridge is basically the same application as casting a jewelry product, or industrial product. Kerr has been producing quality products for these markets since 1891.

KerrLab Dental Laboratory Products consist of the world famous belle de st. Claire Product Line, belleGlass NG Indirect Restorative Material, as well as KerrLab Equipment, Sundries and Gypsums.

KerrLab Jewelry Products consist of the world’s most respected Jewelry Casting Investments and Injection Waxes, as well as a complete line of Equipment and Sundries.




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