Karen Zambos

Karen Zambos with her extensive line of Vintage Couture has taken the idea of bohemian luxury to new levels of comfort, ease and sophistication.

The Chicago native embodies the spirit of her customers: confident, sexy, and intelligent. These are women who adore fashion but want pieces that let their own independent personalities shine through. Karen Zambos designs do just that.

Karen Zambos relocated to Los Angeles ten years ago, where she made her mark at L.A.s eponymous boutique, Tracey Ross. She assisted with buying and was hands-on in dressing the store’s very discerning and glamorous patrons. It became apparent to Karen very quickly that what women wanted to wear was very similar to Zambos no-fuss, slip-it-on style. Though Karen Zambos may openly draw inspiration from the past, her designs are very much rooted in what modern women of today are wearing. As her line is now carried throughout the country, this year took Karen Zambos Vintage Couture overseas into Japan. And as women all over are slipping into a Vintage Couture piece before they start their busy days, one thing is clear: the future of this designer is very bright indeed.






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