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Julie K Handbags, based in LA, is a fairly new line that is already setting the trending bar high. With function in mind most bags are made with 100% authentic leather and feature ultra bright colors. One of the most popular is the Meg Bag clutch with it’s leather bow and gold chain. BrandHabit helps shoppers track down their favorite designers and must-have items online, and then tells them where they can find them locally. It’s a personal shopping service that takes the guesswork out of shopping… so you can arrive at a local boutique safe in the knowledge that you will be able to touch and try on your object of desire! No more internet disappointments or pounding the pavement looking for stores that might have what you need. BrandHabit makes it easy to get your hands on that crucial pair of J Brand jeans or special C&C shirt without all the usual shopping dilemmas.For designers and retailers, BrandHabit provides a platform from which to build awareness, connect with customers and generate sales. The site gives the 78% of shoppers who like to try stuff on after an internet search the tools to do just that - BrandHabit will locate the must-have bag and then points shoppers to the nearest local stores that carry it. Whether you already have a presence on the web or not, BrandHabit is a stylish forum in which to reach shoppers the way they actually like to shop.BrandHabit is more than a service-oriented web site, it is also an editorial fashion voice that highlights the best emerging designers and boutiques, brings context to the latest trends, and provides a clever, in-the-know overview of the fashion landscape. From a tiny boutique full of experimental gems in Kansas to a preview of Michael Stars latest t-shirt design - BrandHabit will cover it all.A guide that makes shopping a sure thing and puts the fun back into fashion, BrandHabit provides an the intelligent, useful service – that is so rare today – and keeps the woman with a serious shopping habit coming back for more.




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