Jessica Elliot

Raised in Los Angeles, right in the middle of the entertainment industry, Jessica Elliot spent her free hours devoted to the drama department. After dabbling in movies after high school, Jessica realized her part-time, jewelry-making hobby had become a full-time paying profession. Making more money from selling her own designs than from acting or waiting tables, Jessica struck out for a fashion career in 2003. JESSICA ELLIOT the company was born.

With no formal fashion or jewelry training, and only one class in metal fabrication, Jessica Elliots success as a designer is far from the norm. In fact, some have even called it a Cinderella story. The designer likens her tenacity and passion to a family trait. My mom is an artist, my stepfather a photographer and painter, my dad a musician, my sister is a chefthe list keeps going. For me, finding an interesting chain, mixing gold and silver in an unusual way, using delicate stones with bold shapesthese fill a creative need for me that just kind of happened accidentally. I didnt grow up thinking I wanted to be a jewelry designer. JESSICA ELLIOT the company came about from a really fulfilling hobbyand went from there.

Though Jessica may have found her calling by accident, her collections prove that she has a true talent for jewelry making. Unique chains, rare stones, and standout necklaces have become the signatures of the JESSICA ELLIOT line.

Her pieces can be seen on shows such as Desperate Housewives, How I met your mother, The Freddie Prince Show, Related, King of Queens, Hot Properties, Friends, Joey, Boston Public, Will and Grace, Extra, Access Hollywood, “The Young and the Restless”, Six Feet Under, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, and many more. They were used in the VIP Gift bags for the last Madonna tour, and in many movies, videos, commercials, and magazines.

For the woman in a $10,000 dress and the lady in jeans on the street, each JESSICA ELLIOT piece is made to stop traffic. ___ Available in boutiques across the country, overseas, and online at, prices range from $65-$1100.







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