Jean Louis Scherrer

In 1962, Jean-Louis Scherrer founded his fashion house and rapidly enjoyed wide acclaim and success with the reinterpretation of one of his own favourites, the Deauville style masculine blazer. With its straight and square shouldered cut in pinstripe or multicolour floral crepe, this blazer has become one of fashions musts.

Travels to Asia and the Orient inspired him to create sumptuous, richly embroidered evening dresses which proved to be extremely popular with the Haute Couture clients.

In 1997, Stphane Rolland was appointed Artistic Director of the fashion house and pursued the Haute Couture activity with his own reinterpretation of the houses great founding themes.

Since 2003, he also designs the Ready-to-Wear which he imbues with his own special brand of couturier know-how. Passionate about the Arts and Cinema, which also fuel his inspiration, he has added his own chapter to Jean-Louis Scherrers love story with women. The Jean-Louis Scherrer woman is sophisticated and definitively feminine. She highlights her beauty and personality with a sharp sense of detail. Measured and extremely refined in her tastes, she never falls into the trap of looking ostentatious or excessive.

Every season, the Jean-Louis Scherrer collections always revisit the house classics, the masculine suit with wide pants, the pinstripe, the shirt with dickey, the yachting blazer bearing the house badge and the tuxedo in every conceivable shape and form. Also shown each season are the zebra and leopard animal prints. The Orient is always illustrated with embroidered caftans or kimonos.

The Jean-Louis Scherrer silhouette interpreted by Stphane Rolland is instantly recognizable with its elegantly androgynous and everlastingly glamorous allure.

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