Jean Cacharel S.A

Founded in 1962 in Nmes by the then 30 year old Jean Bousquet, the company, now internationally known, carries the name of a bird from Camargue (a region of southern France).

A rarity nowadays, Cacharel remains a privately owned company while enjoying international success… Since the beginning of Cacharel Jean Bousquet’s aim was to create a strong communication identity for creative iconic products with high fashion value. This was achieved through an extremely coherent global advertising campaign which was unique in its field at the time of its creation.

Jean Bousquet was one of the first to develop this international brand image. The talent of photographer Sarah Moon was linked to Cacharel to form a powerful visual identity of the product.

Jean Bousquet and Cacharel thus brought forward the signature products of the brand : the shirt for women, the Liberty and crepon fabrics quickly attained cult status worldwide, must haves in ready to wear in their time these best sellers are today being reinvented with equal success.








36 Rue Tronchet

Paris, FR

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