Jayli Imports

Jayli Imports is a small family owned business. Jayli began, as we say, “Out of the Dust of the Dead”.

The journey first started after Jay, from Northern California, met Liora, from Cape Town, South Africa, in India, while both were travelling the world. Soon after, Jayli was born. We started out by selling our wares at farmers markets and Grateful Dead shows. Before we knew it, we had our first wholesale account and we grew from there. We still attend and sell our designs at festivals across the West Coast each summer, mainly because we enjoy it so much, as do our two young daughters.

We’ve travelled to Nepal and Thailand every year for 18 years and have worked with the same manufacturers for that time. All the factories with which we work are small family owned and run businesses, just like ours. We have developed great personal and working relationships with our manufacturers, their employees and their families.

While in Nepal and Thailand, we spend hours in the factories, with the master cutters, tailors, embroiderers, tie dyers and packers, to design and manufacture the highest quality, hippie dresses, hippie pants, hippie skirts, patchwork clothing, purses, bags and accessories.


Womens, Mens


Dresses, Resort


Handbags & Luggage




11101 Hwy. 1 #106 P.O. Box 1214

Point Reyes Station, CA US

Main 415.663.8750

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