Japanese Weekend

Japanese Weekend Maternity designs have changed the way mothers-to-be look at maternity wear. Gone are the days of sloppy upsizing and non-functional clothing. Gone are the big bows and Peter Pan collars of “traditional” maternity wear. Japanese Weekend Maternity offers contemporary, functional and comfortable clothing, made with quality fabrics and solid construction. Because of White’s care and fashion-forward designs, a modern day woman can feel assured that she looks good while being comfortable from the early months of pregnancy throughout her nursing days.

Japanese Weekend Maternity is at the forefront of the maternity clothing revolution. The company has patented several designs that are innovative and fashionable, which include the OkTM Support Waistband, The hugTM Line, and the one-of-a kind MamaCoatTM.

As the company has grown up around her, founder Barbie White is constantly looking for ways to make pregnancy and early motherhood days a wonderful experience. “This is a time in a woman’s life when she wants to look as beautiful on the outside as she is feeling on the inside,” White explains. “And as she’s feeling good on the outside, she will feel even better on the inside. I’m happy Japanese Weekend Maternity can make it all work together.”










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