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New York City native Jane Diaz has collaborated with Nepalese metal smiths for fifteen years to create a unique hand-made line of designer jewelry. An academic background in cultural anthropology, fine art and dance combined with a life-long passion for ritual and ornamentation led Ms. Diaz to her success as a designer. Tying all her knowledge and interests together, she envisioned a collection of jewelry perfectly matched with the traditional fabrication techniques of Nepal. As the industrial world expands to consume many ancient crafts, Ms. Diaz values the one of a kind distinction offered by the “human touch” to each individual piece. Jane Diaz designs her jewelry as a way to express her life experience. The confetti of charms in Ms. Diaz’s jewelry line makes up a spiritual symbolism that has come out of personal inquiry, extensive world travel and cultural studies. Painterly colors characterize her necklaces and bold forms distinguish her earrings; her jewelry is for everyday and special occasions, alike.




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