J And Company

With style, attitude, and confidence people everywhere are putting on their J&Company jeans to express themselves. With original styling and a fit for everyone, J&Company has created a contemporary denim based collection for both men and women who understand and appreciate style, comfort and quality.

Launched in 2003, J&Company has quickly emerged into the marketplace turning up everywhere from the red carpet to Elle Magazine. Made with the best fabrics, innovative washes, and an uncompromising attention to detail, J&Company is looking to take the denim world to a new level.

Designed by Julien Jarmoune, J&Company uses European inspiration with an L.A. flair to develop its unique appearance. After coming to California from France just two years ago, Julien has used his fashion expertise to design a collection based on vintage attitude and rock and roll style.

With representation in over 10 countries and an exclusive sales team, J&Company has managed to fit right into the high-end contemporary market. Sticking to an under saturated and over demanded presence, you can find J&Company clothing in such stores as Lisa Kline, H.Lorenzo, E Street Denim, Lulu, Atrium, and select Nordstrom and Bloomingdales stores. With this strong boutique support J&Company is quickly headed to the top of the denim marketplace.




Better, Moderate


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Los Angeles, CA US

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