Island Company

Island Company was founded with the belief that we are not all created equal, that some of us are striving to get more out of our time here, wishing to live longer, travel farther, and seek out the pleasures that make life worth sticking around for. It’s with this ideal that Island Company will continue to create great products for the modern traveler and escapist. We journey through tropical paradise in search of ideas that we provide to you in the form of great fitting, comfortable swimwear and travel clothes that make you feel good whether you’re at home, on an island vacation or simply dreaming of your next escape. In the years to come we will be developing our clothing line far beyond swimwear. We have added more tees, girl’s boardshorts and boardskirts, polos for guys and girls and a terrific sandal line for both sexes! Our goal is to make sure you have all the clothes and accessories you need for your time in the islands or the tropics.


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