Inky Dink Tees

Inky Dink is the brainchild of frustrated shopper and mother-of-two, Toby Munitz. “There was nothing TRULY SUPER FLY for kids in the marketplace,” she says. “So I decided to create a line for children - and fashionista moms - who were tired of the same old bugs, dinos, tractors, and candy-corn you see EVERY WHERE.” A street forward line of t-shirts for individualist youngsters was the result. “NOT for moms who shop at the mall!” Toby emphasizes. “I believe that kids are more sophisticated than we give them credit. My sons are always surprising me with wise words that could only come ‘from the mouths of babes’. If we’re going to rise to the occasion as parents, why should we dumb-down? That includes fashion!” Keeping your kids on the birthday party hotlist, Inky Dink celebrity-underground style will keep them rockin’ on the playground and in the classroom, or just kickin’ it at home!


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