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People often ask me how I came up with the Bella Band, and I’ll never forget the day. I was four months into my first pregnancy and dressing for work when there it was: my belly popped!

I wasn’t big enough to fill maternity wear, yet there was no possibility of buttoning my pants. So, I began doing what every woman does. But safety pins were bulky, rubber bands were uncomfortable, and buying larger sizes looked sloppy on my body. If my blouse were to rise, all my attempts would be nothing short of embarrassing.

I panicked, thinking, “What can I do to keep my pants up and hide the fact that they don’t fit?” Finally, I considered a tube-top and pulled it up over my hips. It was too thick and not sized properly for a growing waistline, but it worked! It flattened my unbuttoned pants and held them up. I un-tucked my blouse and left for the office and no one knew my pants were undone.

In the coming weeks I found I could also wear my new accessory with maternity clothes I wasn’t yet big enough to fill. Ultimately, I had more choices and less frustration finding something to wear every day. That’s when I wondered if other women would want something like this.

Over a year later the Bella Band was born. And the inspiration, you might say, was my daughter Isabel, now age five that once pesky bump in my belly!

Pregnancy needn’t be a daily challenge in your dressing room. Celebrate your changing body and have fun, because every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful.









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