The mission of inCOLOR is to present topics in art, design, fashion, music, and entertainment in color, meaning from the perspective of people of color worldwide.

Serving as a network between artists, designers, musicians, entertainers and the rest of the world. inCOLOR is more than just another website. It features a daily updates on what’s new in the world of art, design, fashion, music, and entertainment, alongside editorials written by those who give a fresh and intelligent view from the prospective/retrospective of people of color. It will also feature photography in forms of mini photo editorials and tutorials, as well as street life. Alongside the photography will be interviews and features on people of color making moves in the art, design, fashion, music, and entertainment worlds. As well as presenting the view from the frontline of the latest events as they happen. Last but not least create a community for discussion, sharing of knowledge and entertainment. All in all inCOLOR will be a lifestyle magazine in website form.



New York, NY US

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