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Imajean Nation is dedicated to providing ultimate leadership in personalized jeans and high-end denim, while also providing a company ethic that expresses commitment to expertise and integrity.


We are focused on becoming the leader in high-end denim. We are not like other denim companies who just call themselves premium denim; we take our design concepts and styles beyond premium. We have applied 25 years of expertise in the denim market, plus intensive research on the best fabrics and construction, to our requirements for quality, so that we can confidently call ourselves premium denim.


We connect our customers with exotic locations by using fabrics from anywhere in the world where the denim produced can meet our stringent requirements for quality. We give our customers a personal tailored look, through imaginatively engineered construction that produces a truly unique jeans design. We meet our customers need to be up to date by introducing multiple styles that adhere to current trends as well as create them. All of our jeans have been designed with personal touches that distinguish them, from the names given to each style, to the vigorous washing processes that produce a desired appearance and feel, and, most important, to our signature side seam that offers a leaner, sleeker look to the wearer.


Our evolution has been a natural one, over a quarter-century of experience. Our principal designers 25 years in the denim industry and her own clothing manufacturing company have forged a product line that is unique in todays market. This is our premier product issue


The idea behind Imajean Nation is to provide anyone who production and huge retailers, we have lost personalized service and consistency of quality. Today, quantity overrides quality, sameness overrides individuality. Imajean Nation aims at a lofty, but reachable goal: restoring integrity that can be expressed through a clothing line.

At Imajean Nation, we have thought carefully about how we might market our jeans. Alongside the determination and ingenuity that enabled us to create the best jeans on the market, we want to acknowledge the importance of denimgood denim, premium denimin the American culture. Remember when it was mandatory to dress in a shirt and tie for a business occasion? And it was unheard of to wear jeans for an evening out? Imajean Nation has taken Americas ever-changing culture and habits into consideration. Our jeans can be worn from 8 to 5 and onward into an evening on the town; they provide the wearer with a look and feel that is professional and casual, comfortable and dressy. And they say quality something that has real value for our buyers.


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