Hyman Hendler & Sons

Hyman Hendler immigrated to the United States from Russia.  In 1900, he began selling millinery and ribbon from a pushcart in the melting pot of New York City, an area referred to as “the Lower East Side.”  Hyman Hendler & Sons was established. One hundred years and three generations later, Hyman Hendler & Sons is providing the public with the world’s most unique and beautiful ribbons and trims. Today, Michael Weisman and Ronnie Hendler continue Hendler’s long tradition of providing their customers with the finest quality ribbons and trims, as well as, personal service from a knowledgeable and creative staff.  This makes Hendler’s a special place to shop. Even Martha Stewart has called Hendlers “One of her favorite places to shop” and “if you can’t find it at Hendler’s, it just doesn’t exist.”


Appliques & Transfers, Trim, Ribbon & Cord, Braids & Tassels, Trim, Ribbon & Cord, Braids & Tassels, Specialty, Trim, Ribbon & Cord, Woven




21 West 38th Street

New York, NY US

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