House of Hangad / House of Couture Accessories

The House of Couture Accessories is an accessory and hardware production, manufacturing and design company. We at the House of Couture Accessories will be more than happy to consult and assist you in realizing your designer dream.

We at the House of Couture Accessories have been in business for more than a handful of decades. Alan Hangad has consulted, designed and produced stunning works of fashion for the top design houses in New York and abroad. If you would like to see your idea, whether it is a handbag, a piece of unique hardware, industrial or home design, come to our house to meet us. We handle design from prototype to finish. We at House of Couture Accessories have worked with materials from exotic leathers, luxurious fabrics, natural materials and metals, yes~ METALS. We carve and produce stunning metal work for hardware and jewelry out of Brass, Gold, Silver. We have worked with enamels and stone settings. Our work is Gorgeous.


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Handbag Manufacturing


68 Jay Street

Brooklyn, NY US

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