Hot Kiss, Inc

Moshe Tsabag is a true fashion entrepreneur living out the American dream. He was raised in Israel, schooled in NYC and launched his apparel career in Los Angeles. From 1975 to 1982 Moshe was a multi-line sales representative. In 1982 he took a big, bold step and opened his own company, YES Clothing Company. YES started as a junior sportswear and dress company selling hip looking styles in lycra stretch and novelty fabrics. Moshe grew the branded YES junior label and expanded by adding other division, YES mens and YES kids. In his capacity as President and COO, Moshe grew YES to $50 million dollars in volume and went public in 1989. Then in 1995, Moshe sold YES. As Moshe Tsabag was ready to enter round three, he realized no one could pay him what he was worth, so he once again started his own company, Hot Kiss, Inc. in 1996. He believes some of the key ingredients to success in this market are the relationships acquired only with experience and reliability, innovation, quality, and newness in color, fabric, and styles. If Moshe Tsabag’s past is any sign of his future, be prepared for a fast and successful ride ahead with Hot Kiss at the head of the junior race.


Petites, Junior


Children, Womens


Moderate, Budget


Hosiery & Socks, Eyewear


Dress Shoes


T-Shirts, Beach & Swimwear, Dresses, Jeans & Denim, Activewear




1475 Long Beach Avenue

Los Angeles, CA US

Main 213.488.8400

Fax 213.488.8450


1475 Long Beach Avenue

Los Angeles, CA US

Main 213.488.8400

Fax 213.488.8450