Hindsgaul Mannequins

Hindsgaul has the policy of being able to offer at any time a wide range of contemporary and well-functioning mannequins within the categories, women, men, teenagers and children.

Both the concept and design of Hindsgaul’s products are undertaken by their own design department in cooperation with internationally known display specialists, designers, sculptors and stylists. Adaptation of the prototypes and the subsequent production of the final article takes place in the Danish factory; this includes production and completion of all important elements of the finished mannequin (body, face, wig, make-up etc.). Thus Hindsgaul can be certain that the completed mannequin in every respect lives up to the high quality demands and the certainty of delivery which customers rightly associate with a product from Hindsgaul.

Hindsgaul has its head office and production in Denmark, approx. 20 km west of Copenhagen.


Children, Womens, Mens


Fixtures, Dress Forms, Mannequins




Knud Bro Allé 10

Stenlose, DK

Main 45 4717 1607