Henry Hanger, NYC

Celebrating 80 years in the hanger business, Henry Hanger has been at the forefront of the garment hanger industry. Their expertise is in blending the functional requirements of the garment hanger with the art of visual merchandising and in-store marketing. We assemble-to-order based on your specific needs. Acrylic, Plastic, Wood, Metal or Fabric, the style, color, hook, drop attachment. This family-run business has continued to thrive on innovation and quality. Their product commitment is so strong they back our acrylic hangers with a guarantee against breakage.

We also offer a line of hangers that are in stock and available for immediate delivery and at affordable prices. Located right in the heart of the NY and LA garment district.


Mannequins, Bags & Wrap, Hangers




450 Seventh Avenue 23RD FL

New York, NY US

Main 212.279.0852

Fax 212.594.7302