Hemingway Apparel Mfg Inc

Hemingway is a full services Contractor, from receiving to finished product, you can be assured that the product will be handled properly.

Currently we employ about 170 persons. Much of our labor force has been with us for twenty years which translates into a vast amount of practical and applicable knowledge. Our facilities are top notch, located in a 55,000 sq. ft. heated and cooled building in which our employees can perform their respective duties.

CUTTING: Our Cutting expertise is second to none! Over the years we have gained a wealth of knowledge from almost all fabric types. Just a few of the items that we have worked with over the years are satin, lycra, cotton, charmeuse, tricot, polyester, nylon, hosiery, fleece, thermal, and lace. All of our piece goods are hand spread and cut with tables from 60” wide to 120”wide.

SEWING: The ability to sew almost anything, within our product groups, has been and is one of our greatest assets. Our labor force is highly skilled, many having been with us for twenty or more years. Currently we run about 130 sewingmachines and have about 300 machines in total. The machines range from Zig Zag,Single Needle Lockstitch, Two Needle Coverstitch,Three Needle Coverstitch, Safety Stitch, Overlock, Blanket Stitch, Dot Tackers, Bar Tackers, Flat Seamers, Two Needle Chainstitch, Automatic Hemmers, Heat Sealing, and Multi-Needle.

FINISHING: Literally the finishing department has experienced almost all types of finishing and packaging. From hanging and bagging to folding and tubing, this department can meet the demands of our Customers, many times going the extra mile as this picture demonstrates and individual actually rolling (with a lint brush) every single piece being produced.

MORE INFO: Hemingway Apparel Manufacturing was incorporated in 1978 as a Contractor of quality apparel products supporting 80 active sewing machines. The Company’s product foundation was primarily ladies sleepwear, lingerie, and Intimate Apparel.

In 1988, Hemingway Apparel expanded its product line into the mass production of ladies basic panties. The expansion included the addition of 80 high-tech sewing machines producing more than 5,000 dozen per week.

One year later, the Company expanded its product line again, into the mass production of tee shirts. This expansion also included the addition of 80 sewing machines producing more than 4,000 dozen per week.

Sewing contractor of ladies panties, intimate apparel & sleepwear. Sergers, zig-zag, single needle, double needle, multi- needle, cover stitch & all types of hemmers.


Better, Moderate


Mens, Womens


Sportswear, Outerwear & Leather, Jeans & Bottoms, Intimates & Underwear, Intimates & Underwear, Activewear, Intimates & Underwear


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