Har-Man Importing Corp.

HAR-MAN Importing was founded in 1948 when Mr. Julius Mandel returned to Europe to visit relatives and friends. Prior to leaving the United States on this trip, a manufacturer friend of his asked him to try to locate some beads or rhinestones for his use on evening gowns. Since all beads and rhinestones were manufactured in Czechoslovakia prior to the war, and since neither of the two products were made during the war, there was of course a shortage of these items in the United States. Mr. Mandel’s reaction was “what is a bead and a rhinestone?”

Fifty years and many many beads and rhinestones later, HAR-MAN has become a leader in this field. Now housed in a modern 15,000 square feet facility in Farmingdale, New York, HAR-MAN has one of the largest slections of beads and stones in the world including “vintage” beads no longer being produced anywhere.


Beads & Pearls, Gems & Rhinestones




16 West 37th Street

New York, NY US

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