Hale Bob

After two decades in the fashion industry, Daniel Bohbot combined his business acumen, love of travel and distinctive eye for beauty to create Hale Bob. Born in Morocco and raised in France, a 2001 visit to Los Angeles inspired monumental changes in his creative vision and way of life. Bohbot soon moved to Los Angeles, where he could truly cultivate this authentic, highly specialized California lifestyle brand of flirtatious and sophisticated clothing and accessories that embody feminine individuality.

Active living is a big part of his business, and Bohbot follows the trends by experiencing fashion, both in Los Angeles and throughout the world. He frequently takes trips, both within the United States and overseas to European and Asian countries, tuning in to what women wear and how it makes a statement.

Bohbot spends long days working at Hale Bob’s headquarters in the heart of LA’s Fashion District and ventures out every night to observe what fashionable women are wearing in the hippest neighborhoods, from West Hollywood to Malibu. “It’s important for fashion to go out and see what’s going on, to be out in the LA culture. Some of the hottest new styles are coming from the street, which has great influence on the line of bags and shoes Hale Bob is creating,” Bohbot said. “A lot of women are accessorizing garments on their own, wearing things in a new way. I see women in restaurants and clubs wear their clothes in ways that actually inspire the runways, instead of the other way around.”

Bohbot saw there was a niche for specialty pieces, things that would set women apart from the crowd. He started with brightly colored silk tops in unique prints, and soon increased the line to include dresses. The typical Hale Bob customer does not buy from companies that make every kind of clothing. “Hale Bob is not your wardrobe staple. It’s your wardrobe spice,” Bohbot said, affirming his strong belief in “the emotional promise of this product: that it will create an act of transformation.”

Bohbot loosely named Hale Bob for a rare comet that shone brightly on earth years ago. Now that Hale Bob has a shoe license and is launching a new line of bags, Bohbot’s vision of a brand that embodies a lifestyle and an attitude across a range of products is being realized.








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