H. Pederson Design Studio | HPDS

Hannah Pederson up-cycles sentimental family pieces that, in their original form, are unlikely to be worn by young people today. She loves the hunt for exotic items to incorporate into her work favoring trinkets found in nature – both beautiful and unexpected, primitive yet timeless.

Since the founding of HPDS, Hannah has expanded her realm of products and materials. Originally creating simple necklaces and earrings to sell at Arts festivals, she has now manifested an entire signature line including belts, vests, purses, and statement headpieces. Each item is completely original and entirely hand-crafted and sewn.


Womens, Mens


Better, Moderate


Belts & Small Leather Goods, Jewelry, Handbags & Luggage



1122 Jackson St. Ste. 210

Dallas, TX US

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