H Fredriksson

The creativity, the multi-disciplinary approach and the care that i put into each of my pieces gives it quite a unique feel. As a self-taught fashion designer with a formal background in the fine arts my approach to design is very sculptural; my draping techniques and unconventional shapes are influences by thinking of the body as a sculpture. I try to let the shapes be created with the body, not around it. I like a balance between feminine and male conventions combining dipping necks with bold borders or sharp cuts. The balance in my collection is found in the mixing of opposites. Being directly involved in the design process is important to me and i think that it comes through in the collection. I deliberate on each step- everything from creating the patterns and silkscreen graphics, to searching out vintage fabrics for limited edition pieces. I think that my attention to the creative process creates a continuity in the line that stays and evolves each season; I like to think that this creates the H Fredriksson identity.






Sportswear, Dresses



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Brooklyn, NY US

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