Grand Tactics Llc

Grand Tactis is a boutique marketing and design firm that specializes in the development and advancement of brands through a full spectrum of intergrated marketing communications, tactics, and innovative design services.

Grand Tactics works with our clients to function as campaign curators at the highest level, ensuring that brand strategy; collaborators and activations are consistent with target market tastes. In addition to overall ongoing brand consulting; we offer influencer marketing, produc/brand collaborations, product design, creative content development, and special event production.

CLIENTS: LRG, Arrive Boutique, RBK, Udeice, Artful Dodger


Designer, Better, Moderate


Children, Womens, Mens


Retail, Marketing, Product Development


850 S. Broadway, Suite 1005

Los Angeles, CA US

Main 323.350.3237

Fax 323.931.1858