Grand National Apparel

For over 45 years, Grand National Apparel Inc. has been the leading supplier of better dress and casual menswear to the Canadian marketplace. Grand National Apparel GNA is dedicated to delivering stylish and exceptionally well crafted apparel products to the North American market.

Our fully integrated approach leverages our main areas of expertise, product development, global sourcing, sales and marketing . These core attributes combined with our affiliation with major renowned brands is the key to our success in providing these exceptional products in every major menswear category.

Over the years, Grand National Apparel has been a successful licensee or joint-venture partner with powerhouse brands such as Haggar, London Fog and Arnold Palmer. Our current brand portfolio includes Perry Ellis Portfolio, Grand Slam, Savane and Pacific Trail.

Grand National Apparel Inc. is a privately held and wholly owned company.


Womens, Mens


Designer, Better, Budget



100 Marmora Street

Toronto, CA

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