Glamourcountry, Lda

Glamourcountry is your office in Portugal, responsible for all the shoe production. We will pursue your requirements and the quality that you require. Since 1980, our company has been in the shoe business, supplying factories throughout Portugal.

In addition to footwear, we also provide private label services for leather clothing and handbag production.

Our Main Services Are:

  • Quality Management

  • Products Housing In Portugal

  • Outsourcing By Company History

  • Material Sourcing

  • Design

  • Moulding Service

  • Meet Your Target Prices

  • Provide Technical Informations About Footwear Manufacturing

  • Inspect All Requirements from Components to The Assembly

  • Excellent Relationship Between Our Commissions And Our Services


Children, Womens, Mens


Couture, Designer, Bridge, Better, Moderate, Budget, Off Price




Prada Luis Ribeiro, N.23 - Esc.73

Sao Joao Da Madeira, PT

Toll Free 351234043619