Gitman Brothers Company

Gitman Brothers, one of the last great American shirtmakers.

At Gitman, craftsmanship and technology - a perfect mix of the old and the new - go into each and every shirt we sew. More than 80 minutes and 50 steps go into the creation of a shirt, which is made of 25 separate pieces. Whether choosing one of the more than 1500 fabrics and patterns from among the finest European weavers, or deciding on which body silhouette and collar/cuff combo work best, we are constantly engaging both ourselves and our customers with what the market demands and expects. This is reflected in the range and depth of our collections.

Gitman, One of the Last Remaining US Shirt Makers Since 1948 Gitman has consistently made one of the finest shirts in the world. Located in Ashland, Pennsylvania, Gitman is also one of the last remaining shirt makers that bases its manufacturing entirely in America. Everyone we work with has been sewing clothing for generations and brings all their history and skill to each individual shirt we sew. Their experience is irreplaceable and we are dedicated to keep our manufacturing here to utilize and save something that is truly part of American history. At Gitman, our identity is based on the fact that we produce a garment founded on quality in materials and construction - a particular combination of the world’s finest fabrics and master shirt making.

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