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Since 1990, Free Country has manufactured casual outerwear inspired by a modern, active lifestyle and has emerged as a power in the apparel industry with a look, spirit and soul that stands out from the pack. The young company takes a fresh, new approach to outerwear by creating attention-getting designs through a fusion of performance and fashion. The driving force behind Free Country’s success began with its founder, Ira Schwartz, who discovered inspiration in his own active lifestyle. From the beginning he had a vision “to market and merchandise a lifestyle which reflects the philosophy of doing one’s own thing-creating authentic outerwear with a not-too-serious attitude that people will have fun wearing.” The result was a collection of men’s outerwear with rugged charm, smart styling and classic authenticity. From the start, Ira had a complete picture of what Free Country is; where it will be twenty years from now; and most importantly; what it takes to get there. Ira comes from four generations of outerwear manufacturers, including such names as the Fur Vault and Andrew Marc.


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