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With its passion for working with leather, its tasteful and creative designs and its years of professional experience, leather goods firm “Pelletteria Franco Parmeggiani” never fails, each season, to come up with wonderful collec-tions full of interesting new ideas. The company was established in 1970 in Modena, the home of a number of important leather goods manufacturers and a region which, within the context Italian manufacturing as a wole, has always been associated with great creativity. Indeed, this company, born of the city’s great tradition of craftsmanship, has grown and developed to become known and respected throughout the world for its high quality bags. The company, which specialises exclusively in reptile products, is present on the major markets, the most important of which are Japan and the United States. Great care is taken over the selection and procurement of raw materials. The company is supplied by the best specialist tanners of crocodile, ostrich and lizard skin and, as far as quality goes, only the very best will do. All stages in the production process, which is treated as a craft, are carried out within the company itself by a staff of highli skilled experts. The production of every single bag is overseen personally by Franco and Wilma Parmeggiani: no touch or detail is neglected in order to obtain a finished product of the highest quality. There is no mistaking the “Franco Parmeggiani” bags in the windows of the world’s most exclusive stores: they exude class and, thanks to their characteristic line - tasteful and young - they are quite unique: a delight both to see and to use.


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