For most people starting a business and breaking into the fashion industry requires massive upfront investment, specialized know-how, and exclusive connections. FashionBoss tears down these barriers to entry – by providing all your business essentials in one place, at an affordable price.


The desire to create is instinctual; running a business is not. It’s damn hard, especially when it’s just you or a small team. Every day you have to think like a lawyer, act like a boss, sell it like a publicist, crunch numbers like an analyst, and at the end of the day still be the creative force. To top it off, there aren’t affordable, convenient and credible resources or tools to support your “one-man-band-stand” act. We know these challenges because we’ve been there, too. This is why, in 2009, accessory designer and lawyer Brittany Rawlings used her dual perspective to create a go-to resource for her fashion business and found a way to work smarter. Turns out, this would be the inspiration for FashionBoss.


FashionBoss was started because of a compelling need we all share—for an online destination where you can get everything you need to start and run a fashion business, any time, any where. We believe that access to entrepreneurial services, legal advice, innovative tools, and fundamental business know-how tailored to each fashion business is critical to its success and should not be a luxury or a huge undertaking. That’s why we’re leveraging technology and offering our expertise as designers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, industry execs, and creative directors in this all-in-one website. It is our goal to create all the essential tools, services, content, and guidance you need, from branding to fundraising, and roll them all into one convenient, affordable, and credible online resource so you can intelligently and cost-effectively, do-it-yourself. We hope our platform will empower, support and accelerate you in your fashion business or career endeavors.


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