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The Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) is a non-government, not-for-profit national association that works to market fashion designers nationally and globally. The FDCC was founded in 1999 with the mandate to brand fashion in Canada.The FDCC has successfully built an internationally recognized event, currently known as World MasterCard Fashion Week that has become the calling card for designers, media, buyers, sponsors, and industry to gather collectively within the international fashion calendar to attend the season’s collections.

The FDCC’s mandate continues to be the promotion of Canadian fashion design nationally and abroad as well as to introduce foreign designers to the Canadian market. These efforts are to ensure the growth of a cohesive and commercially viable fashion design industry within Canada. Canadian business woman and fashion executive, Robin Kay, heads the organization as President and L’Oréal Fashion Week Executive Director. The FDCC is intent upon showcasing independent designers and large global brands to assist the profile of the fashion design industry on a national and international level. We believe that this will maintain a solid and sustainable fashion design commerce in our country. Robin Kay, President Fashion Design Council of Canada, Executive Director L’Oréal Fashion Week.


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