At Expressiva Nursingwear we design fashionable clothing for breastfeeding mothers. I am the mother of four breastfed babies, and the co-founder of Expressiva Nursingwear. When I was nursing my first baby I was unable to find stylish nursingwear. I wanted to wear clothes that looked hip and cool, but still allowed me to breastfeed discreetly. I knew that nursingwear fashions could be vastly improved upon - and I was determined to make breastfeeding a fashionable experience!

In June 2000 I teamed up with a long-time friend and we launched Expressiva Nursingwear - a brand of fashionable clothing for nursing moms. Our goal is to make your nursing experience more enjoyable and more stylish - so that you will feel confident and comfortable breastfeeding for as long as you and your nursling desire.




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