The incredible chemistry of lingerie and beachwear. For 20 years, the clever combination of these two worlds has remained the specific feature of Lyon, mode city.

Following lingeries lead, beachwear is elbowing in on the worlds of ready-to-wear, designer clothing and streetwear. Influenced by beachwear, lingerie has capitalised on junior and sports lines, and is now trying its hand at prints and high summer colours. Lyon, mode city is a professional arena which dares, discovers, invents, pointing to new business leads!

International diversity, 470 beachwear brands. Fashion beachwear, Glamorous beachwear, Sports beachwear, Street beachwear etc. 530 lingerie brands. Designers, Junior lingerie, Loungewear, Mens underwear, Hosiery etc. 1,000 brands from 37 countries!



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