Etienne Aigner

Etienne Aigner established himself as a purveyour of leather goods in Paris designing handbags and belts for the European fashion elite, including Dior.

Like many a success story, Mr. Aigner came to America to stake his claim in the ever-competitive Mecca of Manhattan. In 1959 Mr. Aigner opened his first showroom and introduced the American public to the artistry he mastered in europe.

Today, Algner is a leader in the design, sourcing and distibution of quality women’s handbags and small leather goods. In addition, the brand offers footwear, gloves and belts through successful licensing partnersips with leading manufacturers.


Womens, Mens


Watches, Belts & Small Leather Goods, Handbags & Luggage, Gloves, Eyewear




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New York, NY US

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