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Emmanuelle Khanh began her career at age 19 as a model for prestigious Parisian couturiers, where she notably discovered fittings and the choice of fabrics But she soon decided that Haute Couture did not suit her. Encouraged by Cristobal Balenciaga, she began to create her own models, designing and dreaming up clothing in harmony with her lifestyle as an active woman.

Passionate about 1930s architecture, she defined her brand as an Art of Living, in reference to Art Deco.

During a presentation, she was spotted by Claude Brouet, a journalist at ELLE magazine. She appeared in her first article wearing one of her own creations in 1960.

The demands continued to pour in. Emmanuelle Khanh designed models for leading department store The Printemps in Paris and then for Dorothe Bis, where she met Jean Cacharel. Cacharel created his own business and asked her to work on a first collection. Their collaboration would define the characteristic style of the Cacharel house and would continue for several years.

In 1972,Emmanuelle Khanh founded her own house with her husband, designer Quasar Khanh. She innovated with revolutionary materials that had never been used in the fashion world, such as denim and plastic. She also established her true signature with her major theme: embroidery. Chenille knit would also become her trademark.

Emmanuelle Khanh then turned to eyewear and launched a true revolution on the optical market by transforming an essential object into a fashion accessory. This boosted the success and popularity of the brand, which sold over eight million pairs of glasses throughout the world.

She positioned herself definitively as an indispensable creator of French fashion with an extremely feminine style inspired by the 1950s. This appealed to a demanding clientele in search of elegance and modernity. Her womens suit with its impeccable cut made her a household name. This renown also allowed her to enter the mens Ready-to-Wear world in early 2000.

Emmanuelle Khanh was acquired by France Luxury Group in 1995. Its fusion with Alliance Designers in 2002 allowed the brand to reinforce its expansion in France and abroad, while showcasing its original values.

Product lines include: Activities: Mans Ready-to-Wear, Womans shoes, Accessories







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