El Naturalista

Our name expresses a different way of thinking and acting. Being a “Naturalista” implies a respect for a rich and deep philosophy that places its trust in life and, on principle, attributes all things to nature.Movement is our reason to be and exist. Thats why we enjoy creating comfortable and nice footwear, that will help us to start the amazing journey of living. Shoes for people who advance as they walk. Designed by people that build as they dream.Aware of our responsibility with our world, we make our way smoothing the path for communities wishing to learn and with a lot to teach us. In a mutual learning act, we bring progress closer to the peoples who inspire us and help them to grow, not only as a group but also as people. Progress, if it is to be synonymous to devastation, makes no sense to us. Life inspires life and thats why El Naturalista develops footwear to walk through it.


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Cuidad Del Transporte 6, 7 31119 Imarcoain

Navarra, ES

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