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E C Star designer, Jennifer Johnson, has built her long-standing career in fashion by following her own set of rules. Known for her celebration of music, the past, and glamour, Jen has been rocking the fashion industry with her unique and original designs since the 1990s. Her commitment to remain true to her one-of-a-kind vision has afforded Jen continued success in an industry known for its fickleness. Her ability to change with the times while keeping her designs pure has not gone unnoticed. Jen was born in Huntington Beach California and spent her childhood as an only child playing dress up. Her aspirations to be a designer and her love for costumes laid the foundation for Jens creativity and inspiration, which is still evident in her designs today. In 1989 Jen, officially entered the fashion scene by becoming the buyer for Electric Chair a clothing boutique that at the time housed the hottest young designers, including Mary Quant and Built By Wendy and Betsey Johnson, among others. A few years later, she landed the position for designing in store items such as dresses, shoes, bags and belts. What would soon become known as Jens beginning and her trademark look began its formulations here: sexy silhouettes, punk rock and retro inspired fabrics, kitschy detailing and, most importantly, a fabulous fit. Along with the new decade came new career opportunities for Jen and in the early 2000s. She came in to creating the label E.C. Star, a label which set the trends for the 00s punk rock n roll clothing, with zippers and custom silk screened t-shirts, and tastes vintage to add to her own punk rock style. In 2001, you could go to your local boutique and find Jens first ever collection. Today there are over 200 specialty stores throughout the country, and in Europe and Asia carrying the E.C. Star brand. Jen Johnson, both the woman and the E.C. Star label, is constantly moving forward and continues to keep a strong foothold in the fashion industry with no signs of letting up anytime soon. Playing music, touring the world is still her main source of inspiration. Her love of detail and design is evident in everything she does in life and in business. Her enthusiasm, creativity and boundless talent that have kept her at the forefront of fashion for the past years will keep Jen going for years to come.




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