born in the swedish port town of gothenburg in 1997, dunderdon is sweden’s most innovative workwear company. founded by carpenter per-ivan hagberg, the mission at dunderdon has always been to create clothing for craftsmen who appreciate superior construction and smart design.

per-ivan’s initial creation was a line of pants made with a uniform fit but designed with different stylistic highlights. the result of this initial solution was clothing that was individualistic and distinct but also clearly part of one related family. by standing up to the demands of a variety of workplaces, early model dunderdon pants quickly became the standard for sweden’s many artisans, builders, and craftsmen. following a successful launch, per-ivan went on to design a full collection of clothing for working men and women.

per-ivan has always been driven by a vision that there would be no filler designs in the dunderdon line, that each product would have a reason for being and would satisfy specific needs. this remains a guiding credo today.


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