Due And Sprout

Pamela Hillman and Marlo Hall Stern. Former Washington, DC public relations consultant and Conde Nast graphic designer. Both moms. Both from the suburbs of Philadelphia. The true essence of their partnership and of Due and Sprout is this: both have been pregnant and completely understand what it feels like to be stared at in the coffee shop or whispered about at the office – everyone wondering the same thing: “Is that a pregnant belly or a few too many donuts?”

The questions truly do not end. And no matter how we feel on any given day, famished or queasy, elated or weepy, on-the-move or utterly exhausted, we are expected to stop, accept our fate and provide answers. We bear witness to pencil tests, Chinese calendar readings, and deep analysis of our facial features, the shape of our belly and the transformation of our derriere. These conclusions offer insight to the details of our pregnancy and of our bundle of joy on the way.

Due and Sprout is a labor of love, shared by our dedicated team of printers, shippers and fabric cutters.” Pamela and Marlo realized the growth potential for their little company very early on, and less than two years after its conception, their instincts proved right. Due and Sprout tanks and tees can be seen in maternity, children’s and gift boutiques across the country, internationally and online.




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