Direct Sourcing Solutions Inc.

We are a Corporation experienced in sourcing quality Apparel, primarily from Asia. Direct Sourcing Solutions has strong, long standing relationships with fabric mills, trading houses & clothing manufacturing plants.

The apparel is provided to the customer directly from the manufacturer without any added costs associated with agents or intermediaries. Due to our experience with a wide range of buyers, we are cognizant of the testing, compliance, and labor requirements.

We provide complete shipping, clearing and delivery services of the merchandise, from the factory to the customer’s warehouse

Our clothing is manufactured in Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan & Vietnam. They are sold at many major retailers in the USA, Canada & Europe. We have offices in Bangladesh and China.


Moderate, Budget


Children, Womens, Mens


Sourcing, Product Development




2517 Bluewater Drive

Wauconda, IL US

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