DIOSCURI is a maker of decadent accessories, including bold, over-sized colorful jewelry. Much of the uniqueness of Dioscuri rests in the fact that it is the vision and creation of identical twins Teman and Teran Evans. Both were educated as architects at the prestigious Harvard Design School and have worked for the world-renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, designer of the new Prada boutiques in both New York and Beverly Hills. Partnering with fellow Harvard Design School alumnus, Harin Tantongsirisak, the twins have fashioned Dioscuri through the tool palette of today’s modern architect: an obsession with color, tone, material quality and surface. Their unique eye for detail was crucial to ‘Fruit Salad,’ Dioscuri’s latest collection of high-gloss tropical wood bangle bracelets, offered in a vivid array of colors for spring/summer 2006. Every Dioscuri piece is all about the material that it is crafted from…and absolutely nothing else. The result is collection after collection of incredibly striking jewelry with a quiet, modern simplicity.




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