Dimitrios, A Design Archive

An unsurpassed collection of antique textiles, wallpapers, original paintings and thousands of mill sample bools.

DIMITRIOS APOSTOLOU has dedicated more than thirty years to the field of documentary designs, offering to clients the most exquisite and knowledgeable resource available worldwide. Known for his expertise in buying, appraising, and selling textile documents, he has been based in New York City since 1969. A loyal and well-deserved following of leading international designers and stylists count on his discoveries and reputation.

CAROL SARCHET holds degrees in both apparel and fiber arts. She lived abroad for several years, traveling and acquiring old textiles for her own collection. While living in Brazil, she created custom hand woven hangings, spinning and dying the yarn for most projects. Pioneering the study of dyestuffs from Brazilian flora, she developed many original recipes. A desire to be further immersed in the field of antique textiles brought her to New York City 15 years ago, when she joined Dimitrios in his archive enterprises.

LAURIE MARMAN first became involved with textiles in a fine art setting while studying fiber arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The program focused her studies on specialized hand-dyeing, surface design, and fabric manipulation techniques. Laurie holds a degree in Fashion Design from F.I.T. as wells a B.A. in English Literature and Women’s Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Laurie now joins the design archive as a valuable asset to our Home Furnishing clientele.

VICTOR APOSTOLOU, a recent graduate from Boston University, has joined the archive as a design consultant to men’s apparel and furnishings.




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