Digital Brand Architects DBA

DBA is a transformative boutique agency that expertly juxtaposes digital communications and curation marketing with talent management of online influencers.

Rooted in marketing and branding, our guiding philosophy is to always stay true to the core DNA of our clients while elevating the social media conversation through practical application and creative engagement. Holistically combining all facets of brand building, online and off – advertising, marketing, public relations, events, e-commerce – our approach builds awareness, traffic and drives the brand voice forward. Operating under three distinct and separate arms, DBA’s global reach includes offices in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Milan.

DBA has led innovation in the digital space by pioneering the first dedicated management division for online talent that leverages a publisher’s influence online and builds them into prominent brands offline.


Children, Womens, Mens


DBA EAST, 133 West 19th Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY US

Main 646.918.0185