There’s no “and” between DidierAngelo because they seem to function as a single person, a single artist.

Their design collaboration is a seamless process.There is no division of labor, one’s hand finishes the stork of the other.It’s almost as if they were twins, and they are twins in spirit. They even resemble one another. But they didn’t meet in the womb; they are not even from the same country. Didier is Swiss-Italian, and Angelo is Italian-Spanish, but they met in school at the age of seven, and their budding sensibilities clicked. By the age of eleven the friends were collaborating on drawings, conjuring up imaginary clothing and creating a common vision of style that was perhaps a little frighteningly mature, given their age. But very early on they absorbed sophisticated influences from the worlds of art and design.By the age of sixteen these dual prodigies were ready to set off for Paris and the world of high fashion, and they were determined to make their mark.


Mens, Womens


Sportswear, Shirts & Tops, Outerwear, Jeans & Denim, Fur & Leather, Dresses




5 rue des petits Champs, Passage des 2 Pavillions

Paris, FR

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