Over the past twenty years, Detail has been serving the fashion conscious who refuse to be dictated to by the fads and passing whims of the glossy magazines. Selling and wearing Detail jewelry allows them to achieve a unique look– one that blends classical elegance with a flair for the contemporary. Simple and stylish.

The jewelry gradually evolved into the present line of matte glass cabochons (a coned shape). The matte surface of the glass allows the light to refract inside the cabochon, and it appears to “glow” with light rather than reflect as a simple cabochon would.

The “glow” within the stones makes the colors more subtle and delicate and enables the mixture of different colors to produce enhanced combinations, that compliment each other and yet produce a strong, vibrant look that is unsurpassed. The use of the matte glass stones has become the trade dress of Detail, meaning that the look of the stones is as much a part of the jewelry as the design of the jewelry. Thus, a design style has been built on the designs, finish, and color combinations of the glass.







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