A sojurn of style that had its origins in French Colonial Vietnamese art and civilization found its way to California, thanks to a collective dream to create a fashion statement based more on culture than cliche. The vision, inspired by the color, sights and artistry centered in the city of Danang, Southeast Asia’s cultural hub, soon sprang to life in the form of an eclectic clothing collection. Da-nang, which emerged in January 2003, initially took flight through some witty piece with military fits and eye-catching embroidery details. However, the design team recognized the line had a greater life of its own beyond the trend that launched it into prominence with celebrities and fashionistas. What Da-Nang is all about now and in the future is body-flattering silhouettes with a wide spectrum of vibrant colors and a mixture of fabrics. With the California-bred notion of dressed down elegance fusing wih European and Asian-inspired charm, the subsequent collections for men, women and children surface as bohemian, comfortable and vintage in the best possible way- as if you owned these pieces your entire life.


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