Cousin Johnny

Many people wonder “Who is Cousin Johnny?” Well Cousin Johnny is a big Old English Sheepdog (his real name is Gee Willakers!) who did not like staying at home when his best friends went to work.

Unable to bring their dog to their jobs at the time, Kelly and David Shelsky started their own knitwear company in 1995, so they could bring their beloved pet to work.

Cousin Johnny sweaters are known for up to the minute trends, extraordinary fit and superior quality.

Cousin Johnny Women’s Collection is distinguished by novelty details such as embroidery, fringe trim color blocks and beautiful imported yarns.

Cousin Johnny Menswear is designed for the updated man with sophisticated taste. We offer sweaters with both traditional band and contemporary open bottom looks.

Paw by Cousin Johnny is our most contemporary collection which reflects the luxurious and hip styles for today’s modern women. Moderate to better Sportswear, sweaters and knits.

Sales Minimum: None; Designer for men, ladies, better, knitwear, fully fashioned fine & heavy gauge sweaters, cut & sew knits in S to XXL sizes


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