Core Clothing, Barbara James Showroom

Core is a contemporary sportswear company based in downtown Los Angeles, California. Core exemplifies the concepts of what companies need to be in the future NOW and takes pride in being a responsible corporate citizen. Core provides innovative contemporary fashion and basic apparel of the highest quality to our customers. We offer a wide range of fashion with comfort combined. We provide a ‘Core’ lifestyle brand that you’ll love, wear, live and be true to yourself in. Core’s mission is to be a leader in contemporary apparel while promoting universal ideals of community and service. We believe in mutual respect and co-existence among ourselves and with the communities in which we work and live. We will make you feel special, stylish and comfortable in your daily life…whatever that may be…wherever that may take you…Core will be there with you.







127 East 9th Street Suite 607

Los Angeles, CA US

Main 213.624.9021

Fax 213.624.1417